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Valuable Cargo escorts

We provide the following services:

Asset  Protection | Surveillance | Logistics security | Hourly monitoring 

Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority

Our management and recruitment division ensure that all employees:

  • Are registered with PSIRA ( Private Security Regulatory Authority).
  • Have no CRB (Criminal Record Background).
  • Are experienced in report writing and working in a customer orientated environment.
  • Have a good understanding of the Health and Safety Procedures and regulations.

Our retail security is trained and skilled to perform the following security solutions:

  • Act as a visual deterrent of crime.
  • Handle potential trespassing and vandalism by patrolling the premises and acting as a vital form or protection across the facility.
  • Fulfilling business mandated security policies, such as a monitoring CCTV surveillance cameras, as well as gates, entrances and checking alarm systems.
  • Help assist with overall management of the area.
  • Help reduce the fear of crime.
  • Security guards are also extremely useful for controlling access points for visitors or contractors that may legitimately require entry into a property.
  • Female security guards for discreet and sensitive purposes at your request.

Titan Protection ultimately provides peace of mind enabling its clients to focus on achieving their business objectives rather than dealing with the worries and concerns associated with the security of their employees and premises. Our Supervisors rotate on a 12 hour shift. They perform spot checks and written reports on all sites ensuring that all staff is carrying out their duties as mandated.